School of Visual Concepts

The School of Visual Concepts is a graphic design school located in the South Lake Union neighborhood of Seattle. They teach all kinds of regular design and technology classes, but also have a wonderful letterpress studio where they teach letterpress printing.

The school moved to a new location in December of 2014. Jenny Wilkson, the manager of the letterpress studio did a beautiful job of planning for the new space. Here’s a peek at what the letterpress studio looks like.

There’s great natural light and vibrant red walls.

We have three Vandercook cylinder printing presses– two Vandercook No. 4’s and one Vandercook SP-15. Here’s our Vandercook No. 4 press named Eve (because she was first).

We have an old style 8×12 Chandler and Price platen press, and a smaller Golding Pearl platen press.

There’s also a great big ink table…


Ten cabinets of metal type. These are stacked double tall!

There’s one cabinet of wood type.

We are also lucky enough to have a Reliance iron hand press.